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Petition Outcome

Submitted by JRA-Site Admin on Mon, 30/11/2015 - 3:32pm

JRA wish to thank those 2044 residents and business employees who registered their support petition and those businesses that assisted with its promotion and collection.


Petitioners should not be disturbed with the Ministers reply that no further action is occurring.

It is not the sole decision of ministers to prioritize road infrastructure projects but cabinet.

What has not been said in MP Mark Bailey’s reply?

Dept of Transport and Main Roads officials are currently liaising with the Petitioner to arrange an on-site meeting with a selected group of Petitioners to discuss the possibility of alterations to the 2011 design plans for the Sumner Road Bridge duplication and associated intersections.

This meeting will occur in early December and through JRA face book site, FRIENDS will receive updates - when it is appropriate...

With the opening of the Legacy Way and subsequent increased traffic density, some anomalies to the existing design of the Sumner Road flyover and off ramps have arisen and these with alternative suggestions will be proposed and discussed.


In the gathering of Petitions, much valuable information on how motorists are coping with the increased traffic congestion has been obtained.

We know how motorists are rat running in avoiding Sumner Road where possible


Our first goal is to have the best design that will cater for the return of those motorists that are rat running and of course - future traffic growth.

This can only be achieved by the approval of TMR engineers working in conjunction with BCC engineers.


The second Goal is to prioritise the project ahead of many other road corridor locations throughout the State that also need funding.

For a major project to proceed, funding must first be locked into the State Budget of the current government which is presented mid year 2016.


The problem with this is that a new government doesn’t have to honour the previous government’s Budget items.

Remember when Mr Attwood was our State MP?

She was successful in having the project budgeted but alas- still no commencement.


The Petitioner also requested a viewing of the latest design plans for the missing link in the Centenary Motorway from Moggill to Sumner Road.

We also know that many residents are experiencing greater noise emissions from the increased traffic volume along the Centenary Motorway through tired or missing sound barriers.





Petition Reply



2 6 Nov 2015
Mr Neil Laurie The Clerk of the Parliament Parliament House George Street BRISBANE QLD 4000


Dear Mr Laurie
Ireferto a petition number 2396-15 and 2491-, 5 lodged with the Legislative Assembly on 27 October 2015, about upgrading the Sumners Road interchange.
The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) can advise a planning studywas conducted during 2010-20.1 to investigate upgrading the Sumners Road interchange on the Centenary Motorway at Jamboree Heights.
The aim of the study was to identify possible upgrade solutions to improve connectivity to the Centenary Motorway, reduce congestion on the local road network and safely accommodate pedestrian and cycle usage.
The proposed upgrade would aid in alleviating queuing from the left-turn on the northbound Centenary Highway off ramp into Sumners Road. This would be achieved by providing priority and additional right-turn lanes and replacing the existing roundabout with a signalised intersection.

Level 15 Capital Hill Building 85 George Street Brisbane 4000 GPO Box 2644 Brisbane Queensland 4001 Australia Telephone +6, 7 37t9 7300 Facsimile +61 7 3224 2493 Email mainroads@ministerial. qld. gov. au Website WWW. tinr, qld. gov. au

Preliminary works were originally expected to commence in the 2013-14 financial year with construction commencing the following year. However I am advised that in 2012, the construction funding forthe Sumners Road Interchange Upgrade was deferred by the previous LNP government and funds re-allocated to other higher priorities.
The Queensland Government's anticipated final cost estimate forthe upgrade at that time was $63 million and this remains the case. In 2014, the proposed upgrade solution was reviewed and refined to include further benefits withoutincreasing the proposed cost.
As with all major infrastructure projects, any further upgrades to the Centenary Motorway wi compete for funding against other priority infrastructure projects across the state-controlled network.
Competition for state-wide funding has become more challenging as consequence of $600 million having been Gulfrom transport funding during the term of the previous government.
However, I can assure the petitioners that their concerns have been noted and that the Palaszczuk Government is committed to improving road infrastructure and traffic management across the State.