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Submitted by JRA-Site Admin on Wed, 27/05/2015 - 6:12pm

Jamboree Residents Association, working closely with neighbouring Industrial Estates, have registered an E-Petition accompanied by a paper petition with the State Government seeking a solution to the ever increasing traffic delays along Sumner Road and the Centenary Motorway.


                                                              TO REGISTER YOUR E-PETITION

On opening the link below and by clicking on the “yes” tab that asks “do you wish to sign the petition” a page appears that requires your name and address and email details. By ticking the send tab after also ticking the boxes asking for read of conditions, conformation of E-Petition and confirmation true detail entries, your petition is registered.

Each resident of Queensland can post only one E-Petition submission. However the same resident can legally record their name a second time on a Paper Petition.

There will be several business outlets that have readily available Paper Petitions for their workers or customers to physically sign. Just click on the link and get straight directed to the Petition side!




To: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland.


The petition of residents of the State of Queensland draws to the attention of the House that residents of Jamboree Heights are experiencing peak hour difficulty in motorised access to the Centenary Motorway and Darra Rail Station via the single lane each way Sumner Road flyover of the Centenary Motorway. These delays are also being endured by motoring residents of neighbouring suburbs, Sumner Park, Middle Park, Riverhills, Westlake and the businesses workers and their clients of Sumner Industrial Park.  The congestion at this flyover and along the 2 x 2 laned section of the Centenary Motorway from Moggill to Sumner Roads is worsening and for extending durations. This can be attributed to the expansion of new industrial estates in Darra including the Westlink Green project, the expansion of the Mt Ommaney shopping complex and the development of Satellite housing estates in Springfield and Ripley. More through traffic along the Centenary Motorway in both directions can be expected with the soon to be opened Legacy Way. Residents adjacent of the Motorway are also being subjected to increasing motorway noise due to the aged or missing timber noise barriers.


Your petitioners therefore request the House to immediately plan or activate existing plans and recommence public consultation with stakeholders with the goal of prioritising funding for a sustainable vehicular, public transport and cyclist solution that addresses both traffic congestion and noise abatement implementation.


Principal Petitioner:

Mr Wayne Williams (Sec. Jamboree Residents Assoc. Inc) 9 Marconi Close Jamboree Heights Qld 4074



Many businesses and residents have endured peak hour traffic delays created by the single lane Sumner Rd Flyover of the Centenary Motorway for far too long. The periods of peak hour congestion has increased.

Politicians from both major parties have been promising action for years but yet nothing in concrete is set in place to remedy the problem.

At least 5 State petitions and several private consultations have occurred without success to State Government and Department of Main Roads.

In the past, the Department of Transport and Main Roads have presented plans of what they feel is best for all parties with only token last minute consultation talks. The current upgraded flyover design plan advocates 4 signalized intersections in ½ km of Sumner Road from Spine Street and the eastern roundabout with the elimination of both roundabouts being converted into normal signalized intersections.

How difficult will it be to set light sequencing patterns to accommodate the many varying traffic feeds and to have provision for 4 pedestrian / cyclist crossings in the same stretch?


                              The major demographic groups affected by traffic delays are –


  • Businesses in Sumner Park Industrial Park.
  • Businesses in Darra Industrial Park.
  • Businesses in Monier Road Industrial Park
  • Businesses in Sumner Road that are located adjacent to both sides of the Flyover and whose business opportunities will be damaged if the roundabouts are replaced with more conventional intersections with out provision for U-turning traffic.
  • The new and expanding tenants in the Westlink Green complex surrounding Darra Cementco Bowing Club.
  • Residents from Jamboree Heights, Middle Park, Sumner Park, Westlake, River Hills and Darra to a lesser degree.
  • The motorist patrons of the expanded Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre.


  • Parents and teachers accessing the school precinct on Horizon Drive.
  • Bus commuters from the Centenary suburbs to Darra Railway Station.
  • Cyclist groups that represent a growing band of enthusiasts.


This contact is being made to gather representatives from all of these parties to formulate and agree upon a traffic design solution and to jointly lobby strongly to who ever will listen before the next State Elections.

From past attempts to provide a solution in the design of the associated intersections feeding onto the proposed bridge duplication, it has been determined that the lack of direct contact with State and BCC engineering departments has been an issue.

Traffic counts which provide data for the design engineers are flawed in some ways as they do not allow for motorists from the above suburbs who can “rat-run” to avoid being queued into the I lane of Sumner Road that is dedicated for entry over the flyover.

With the existing design of the western flyover feeder roundabout, it provides only 3rd or last safety priority of entry for east bound Sumner Road vehicles.

This further delay occurs after Spine St. Sumner and Dandenong traffic has already been merged into just 1 lane.

Why not create changes to the Centenary Bikeway that allows cyclists passage under the flyover in stead of creating vehicular traffic flow issues.

BCC is currently constructing a designated bikeway under the Centenary Motorway to connect Sumner Industrial Estate to Darra Rail Station.


                                                WHAT IS UNIQUE WITH THE SUMNER ROAD FLYOVER?           


  • Provides the major access to 4 Industrial Parks, some of which are still expanding. A massive explosion of workers will occur in the final design of Westlink Green complex.
  • Sumner Road is 1 of only 3 accesses to the Centenary Motorway by residents of the southern end of the Centenary Suburbs and the only direct vehicular and bus access to Darra Rail Station.
  • The Centenary/Ipswich Motorway upgrades in 2010-12 finished south of the Sumner Road Flyover where common sense indicated this work should have included the Sumner Road upgrade.
  • Sumner Park Industrial Estate lost the Bullock Head Street entry with this upgrade and forced in coming traffic to use Sumner Road.
  • Several Interstate and local freight/parcel/delivery type businesses exist in these Industrial Parks.
  • Business traffic is predominantly during the working hours of Monday to Friday with some extending to Noon on Saturday - but with residents and shoppers, it is 24/7
  • The flyover provides the only route for BCC bus services to access Darra Rail Station.
  • The Legacy Way will be opened in July 2015 but no action has been announced by the State Government on the Centenary Motorway upgrades with the expected extra traffic volume.
  • Also no Ipswich Motorway upgrade from Darra to Rocklea has been announced by State Government.
  • The 2 lane flyover encourages some delivery trucks to rat run through Darra via Harcourt Road to access the Ipswich Motorway.

                                                           A SUGGESTED COURSE OF ACTION

  • The petitioner JRA has suggestions to put before DMR engineers but will be first seeking out the needs of other interested parties on their needs.
  • All Stake Holders nominate representatives to put forward the existing impact on their businesses.                 
  • All stake holder representatives gather signatures or letters of support from their precinct depicting any existing and future adverse effects that the present traffic grid lock is having on their businesses’ profitability.
  • Determine from DMR as to their latest design plans for the Sumner Road Bridge duplication and associated intersections/roundabouts at either end.
  • Determine why the latest estimate to complete the redesign has spiralled from M$55 to M$75.
  • Seek approval for the State maned traffic monitoring crew to regularly record daily varying traffic fluctuations via the rotating camera located on a pole beside the flyover.
  • The group remain politically A-Neutral.
  • Once a lobby group is formed, conduct extensive media releases in the local newspapers to keep the problem alive throughout the coming years – not just an issue at election time.
  • Endeavour to have DMR to regularly monitor road noises emission levels for the protection of residents that are enduring increases in decibel readings.
  • Endeavour to have DMR release any planning for the missing link Centenary Motorway – with any bridge replacements/widening in both width and height which includes the Jindalee Bridge – possibly any property resumptions – noise barrier upgrades.