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AGM 2014 Minutes

Submitted by JRA-Site Admin on Thu, 10/07/2014 - 2:49pm

 MINUTES JRA 2013-14 Annual General Meeting

Westside Church; Saturday, 28 June, 2014.

Attendance: 37 members and guests with 15 apologies.

Meeting opened 1.15pm.
  • President welcomed all and thanked Westside Church of Christ again for use of church hall
  • Minutes 2012-13 read. Moved Bruce Carey. Seconded  John Ferguson Passed unanimously
  • Presidents abbreviated Report – refer to website.  
  • Extracts from Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre Management letter was relayed and placed on website.
  • Model Rule additions – sub clauses 4a, 4b and 5 of clause 6 (classes of members) were moved by John Ferguson - Seconded by Michael Farlow - Passed unanimously.                   
  • Treasurer’s report read. Moved by Andrea Crouch -  Seconded by Carol.
  • Grant Witheridge gave brief history on the working life of Bruce Carey.
  • Bruce Carey was nominated for Life Membership of JRA. Moved by John Ferguson - Seconded by Murray McLennan - passed unanimously.
  • Brad Butcher gave presentation of proposed future working relationship between Darra
  •  Community Group and JRA. Also spoke about “The Darra Street Festival” on Fri. 17th October and JRA’s involvement in conducting raffle.
  • Hydrologist Grant Witheridge delivered a 45 minute presentation on “Living on the Brisbane River’.  Question and Answer session followed. See website for full presentation.
  • Grant Witheridge was presented with gift voucher and Appreciation Certificate.
  • Discussion on JRA – FRA Action Plan.  Moved by W Williams Seconded by A Crouch that Plan be included in charter of JRA. Passed unanimously.

15 minute recess
  • Craig Wood gave citation on life of his mother and father, Walter and Elaine Wood, and their involvement in early development days of Jamboree Heights.
  • Moved by Mc Lennan Seconded by Ann Harris the Walter and Elaine Wood be granted Life Membership of JRA - passed unanimously.
from MP for OXLEY, Mr Bernie Ripoll
  • Presentation from Federal MP Mr Bernie Ripoll.
  • Spoke on benefits of residents meeting yearly to discuss issues with all levels of politics and by being involved in community projects through out the year.
  • Spoke on his involvement in Canberra for 16 years as our member of Oxley.
  • Spoke on his pride of improving education infrastructure and need to look after pensioners.
  • Spoke on Global Financial Crisis and the late impact in Australia. 
  • Spoke on the need for Federal, State and BCC to push for missing section of Motorway upgrades to Ipswich and Centenary Motorways.
  • Spoke on development of southern section of Oxley electorate with rail and road corridor.
  • Spoke on Ipswich Motorway upgrades in previous years.
  • Spoke on current budget and concerns that pensioners may be hurt and cuts to health services.
  • Spoke on  community activity groups within Oxley electorate - such as JRA.
  • Spoke on is recreation bike riding with Prime Minister Tony Abbott
President thanked Bernie for his attendance.
from Mt Ommaney Electorate from MP Mrs. Tarnya Smith
  • President gave apologies for State Member Mrs. Tarnya Smith and read out her report. See full report on website.
1.       Report mentioned no action in the immediate future on the Sumner Road Bridge duplication.
2.       Delayed action on removing illegal car sales on Sumner Road.
3.       Monier / Sumner roundabout was a BCC issue - not State. (Cr Bourke to look into it).
4.        Noise barriers between Jamboree Heights and Centenary Motorway were to legal specifications (under 68 decibels) by 2011 survey. (President has some concerns on average decibel reading).
5.       New Palliative care Centre for Corinda and assistance to Canossa Hospital.
6.       $40m is being spent on upgrading Western Motorway between Moggill Rad and Legacy Tunnels.
7.       Presented report on asset sales as a way of funding road infrastructures, education and health.
8.       New pedestrian warning lights in Horizon Drive near school precinct.
9.       Application to name “The Haydn Sargent Place” was with the Main Roads Minister.
10.    Whisper from Main Roads that $80B would be made available from Federal Govt for road infrastructure through out Australia (no time given).

President gave update on 2014 Brisbane City Plan. To be enacted on 30th June – concerns that 200m walking distance from Andaman Street entry of Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre would allow for some 24 allotments over 600sq. m. to be subdivide into 2 separate lots ( Cr Bourke stated that Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre was not one of these shopping Centres) – no proof of ownership or building intentions of new Telstra subdivision of 5 Sirocco Street. BCC did not respond favourably to submission on the Town Plan about our narrow streets. Low-medium density housing can still occur in flood zone of Patrol Street but subject to new flood criteria conditions.

Brisbane City Council REPORT
from Councillor for Jamboree Ward – Cr Matthew Bourke
  • Cr Matthew Bourke delivered more good news for Jamboree Heights as a result of recent BCC Budget
  • Spoke New City plan enacted on 30th June.
  • The Mt Ommaney shopping is not included within the guide lines of 200m walking distance for subdivision.
  • 5 levels of approval for flood land development.
  • Will speak to State Govt re Monier/Sumner roundabout issue.
  • Will recommend narrowing of lanes of Sumner Road entry to Dandenong Road to cater for a turn lane left.
  • Will recommend turn left any time with care into Dandenong Road from Sumner Road (east bound)
  • Will recommend sensor to pick up motor cycles in right/straight ahead lane into Sumner Road and Caltex.
  • This year’s budget committed to:  
    • $580,000 for last of road resurfacing of Sumner Road
    • $80,000 for resurfacing of Andaman Street.
    • $119,000 for play ground in Phil Denman Park (nee Beanland Park- maintains that Beanland Park was never officially named).
    • $170,000 for new and wider footpath for Dandenong Road on eastern side first.
    • $60,000 for new parade ground resurfacing of War Memorial site.
    • $370,000 for upgrade of Bike Park at Jindalee Bridge.
    • $860,000 for upgrade of 17 Mile Rocks park + flood vendor site inside park.
    • $10M donated by BCC for Western Motorway upgrade.
    • Small Grant to stage 2 of Naver Street creek project.
    • BCC parking officers have been authorized by 5 shopping centres to allow for issuing of tickets.
    • All parking offence revenue is lowed back into foot path construction and park maintenance.
    • This budget will reduce dept from $2.4B to $1.6B by mainly moving a section of debt to Urban Utilities. 
Q and A
1.       S W. – Asked for result of no parking survey in Masthead Street – will look into the results.
2.       A.C. – re general parking issues with our narrow streets – BCC survey open for submissions until 11th July – inspector surveillance is difficult for council parking officers – JRA already has several objections recorded with Town Planners.
3.       W.W. – proposed that Ebrill and Arosa Street’s surfaces are starting to deteriorate.

Election of Officers conducted by Cr Bourke

As only one nomination was received for each executive position the following were automatically installed.

President – Mr Stephen Willis

Secretary – Mr Wayne Williams.

Treasurer – Mr Michael Farlow.

Vice President – Ms Andrea Crouch.

Non Executive committee positions were also ratified automatically.

1.       Flood Master – Mr Stephen Willis.
2.       Beautification Chairman Mr Murray Mc Lennan.
3.       KQB Coordinator – Mr Wayne Williams
4.       Flood pet officers – Andrea Crouch / Angela
5.       Flood register – Angela
6.       Flood Transport Officers – Mr Peter Gale and Mr Brendan Jones
7.       Flood  Welfare officer Mrs. Nelia Kamadazad
8.       Flood Caterer – ???
9.       Flood Accommodation – Andrea and Angela

New President Stephen Willis introduced himself and welcomed his new committee and asked residents to inform the committee of any issues for consideration.

 AGM closed at 4.25pm.